Our Business

Rhéal Marengère began his career in the construction industry as a carpenter, eventually becoming a finish carpenter installing wooden railings. For the past nine years, he has been managing the small business he founded—a business that is making its mark in the industry. Now 45, Rhéal plans to shepherd his company’s growth and make it his life’s work.

Rhéal began working when he was 16, and made the workplace his classroom. At 22, he moved from the Pontiac region to the Outaouais and became interested in building stairs and railings. Three years later, he was managing a team of more than 16 installers. When the company ceased operations in 1987, Rhéal began installing railings and stairs for a local firm. He loved this new line of work and immersed himself in it. By 1997, business had slowed and Rhéal found himself looking for work. It proved to be a pivotal moment in his career.

Rhéal began working for himself as an installer and was hired on contract with a company based in St. Eustache. It inspired him to think about starting his own business. Once again, the firm was not able to provide enough work to satisfy his ambition and, in 1998, eager to be the engine of his own success, Rhéal launched Boiseries Marengère. Like other small businesses in Quebec, it is the product of determination and hard work.

Les Boiseries Marengère has established a reputation for superior quality. Rhéal and his dedicated team are passionate about their work, and the expertise they have gained over the years results in outstanding finished products for their clients. The company’s annual growth is based almost solely on referrals from satisfied customers.

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1320, Vanier Rd., Gatineau, Québec J9J 3J5